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Tile and Grout Cleaning

lady cleaning the tiles

We all know how difficult it is to remove stains from ceramic tiles surface as well as the cement spaces between them, which are called grout. Without proper cleaning, the tile and grout can accumulate germs and bacteria, which put the health of you, your kids, and pets in danger. Also, a dirty or grimy floor may not be a favorable impression to create with visitors. It’s’ highly recommended that you hire a professional cleaning company to carry out deep cleaning of these areas to clean and disinfect the surfaces. They use high-grade equipment and a solution to have your tiles looking spotless.


Without proper care, you may need to replace your tiles more regularly than needed, which is expensive. You’re extending the lifespan of your floors by hiring an expert service to remove dirt and harmful contaminants from your tiles and grouts in your kitchen or bathroom. These pros use appropriate solutions to remove the stubborn stains from these floors to preserve their integrity.


It’s probably never been more critical than now to ensure the surfaces in your home are free from bacteria and germs. These harmful microorganisms can easily habitat the grout of the tiles' surfaces.  If left uncleaned, they can cause illnesses to you and other inhabitants of your home or office.

Healthy Shine

Even with a weekly mopping of your floors, they’ll begin to lose their shine as time passes. This is especially true for the area in your home or office with high traffic. If you hire an expert cleaning service to handle your tile and grout cleaning, you’ll notice that your floors will begin to get back their original shine. To achieve this delicate finish, they inspect the surface to determine the type of stone and decide the safest techniques to remove stains—especially when dealing with surfaces like limestone and marble that are sensitive to acid.


After deep cleaning the tiles and grout cleaning, it is essential to put a barrier to prevent germs and bacteria from contaminating the floors. Professionals cleaning services apply high-grade sealers on the ceramic tile to keep these germs off and make regular cleaning more comfortable.

Save Time and Money

By hiring a professional cleaning service, you can save money otherwise spent renting or buying the equipment needed to clean the tile and grouts properly. Also, you can have extra time to spend with family or get other useful work done. The cost of replacement is avoidable through regular cleaning and disinfection of your ceramic tile surfaces.

Our Company

We at Vienna Carpet Cleaners are the leading service provider for tile and grout cleaning in Vienna, VA. And we’ve been at it for years. You can trust our crew of specialists to use their expertise and our high-grade solutions to remove stubborn stains and preserve the integrity of the surfaces. Our prices are the most affordable in the city, so that you can relax. We don’t comprise quality in all of our services.