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Pet Stain Removal

cat laying on the mat

As much we love our adorable pets, their excreta can be a menace to the quality of the living area of your home. The stains left by their urine are usually difficult to remove using DIY methods and store-bought solutions. If left alone, the urine will cause a pungent stench, which will cause your home to be intolerable to yourself and visitors. Professional services like Vienna Carpet Cleaners use a detailed process to rid the carpet of the material responsible for the stain without damaging the fabric. We use our expertise to inspect the paint before deciding the best-suited method and solution for getting rid of the color.


Pet stains usually prove stubborn to remove with store-bought solutions. So it’s expected to assume that intense scrubbing with a clothing material will get the colors out. However, this may even immortalize the urine stain and damage the fiber of your carpet. This is one of the reasons why this task is best left to experts who know what they are doing. They’ll carefully inspect your carpet before deciding the best-suited solutions and techniques to remove the pet stains.


Before applying any cleaner to remove the pet stains from your carpet, you have to mindful of the pH value. This is because the fibers of your carpet will have a specific tolerance level or chemical actions in cleaning. Professional cleaners are trained to use diverse solutions and tools for removing pet stains while keeping the carpet in perfect condition. They also test solutions carefully, applying them to prevent the color from fading.

Act Fast

If left unchecked, pet stains can become more permanent over time. We all know how expensive it is to replace the carpet, so it’s best advised to call a professional service immediately you notice the stain. The earlier, the better. If you reach out to experts on time, the impurities can be removed entirely from the carpet along with the smell that comes from the excreta.

Odor Removal

When you notice pet excrement in your carpet, you should avoid dousing it with deodorant or air freshener to cover the odor. The ingredients of these substances will fail to permanently remove the dour as they do not contain the organic elements needed to eliminate their counterparts found in the pet’s excreta. Professional carpet cleaners use enzymatic deodorizers and other appropriate chemicals to eliminate the odor for good.

What We Offer

Vienna Carpet Cleaners has the city’s leading provider of solutions to pet stains for several years now. And we continue to deliver excellent service because we have a crew that’s dedicated to customer satisfaction. We have state-of-the-art tools and proven techniques for eliminating the impurities that this excrement may leave in the fiber of your carpet. So trust us to remove altogether the stains that your furry friends have deposited on your rug without affecting the quality of the material itself. We carry out tests of our solutions before applying them to your carpet to prevent fading.