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Carpet Cleaning

vacuuming the carpet floor

If you’re like most people, then what you consider carpet cleaning merely is vacuuming. Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You can preserve the lifespan of the carpet in your living or working area by hiring professionals to clean the carpet in your residence or working area. While DIY cleaning methods may do a decent job of removing stains, they can’t match the intensity of the carpet cleaning machines used experts. That, combined with their expertise in ridding the rug of unpleasant odor and stubborn stains, is guaranteed to protect the integrity of your carpet.

DIY Vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

To ensure that the carpet in your home is free from bacteria, germs, and odor, it has to be regularly cleaned with appropriate machines. With the abundance of Do it yourself carpet cleaning tools and solutions out there, it’s reasonable to consider them the cheaper option compared to hiring a professional service. On a closer look, however, you’ll find that the added cost of renting (or buying) the necessary machines to get the job appropriately done is higher than what you’ll get for experts to get the job done. Asides their expense, DIY carpet cleaners have weaker vacuums and lower water pressure than the machines used by pros. What that means is they won’t vacuum the carpet properly and may leave it musty and smelling.

Removing Pet Urine From Carpets

Unlike other types of stains that can be removed from carpets with the application of adequate solutions and self-carpet cleaners, pet urine requires more detailed cleaning. This type of color gets beyond the surface and into the padding, and that’s why pros use specialized solutions and tools for this type of cleaning. DIY methods, on the other hand, will only get rid of the surface germs without disinfecting the carpet.

Hot Water Treatment

It’s important to use hot water to clean your carpet regularly to preserve the quality of its fabrics. Most self-carpet cleaning machines are limited to a small range of temperatures when it comes to hot water treatment. Many of them don’t have their water heaters, and hence can’t even perform this task. On the other hand, the truck-mounted cleaning machines that expert cleaners use will properly heat water to the best temperature for penetrating the fibers effectively.


Expert cleaning services like Vienna Carpet Cleaners use the best-suited methods to extract water from your carpet after cleaning. This is necessary to prevent the rug from getting soggy and smelly. Our company is made up of a team of experienced carpet cleaners who are trained to use the most appropriate techniques to rid your carpets of germs, bacteria, and an odor that could impede the quality of air in your home. For several years, we’ve been delivering exceptional services to our clients in Vienna, VA. So you can trust us to preserve the lifespan of your carpet with our affordable regular maintenance packages.